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    It’s Not My Work, But This 620 Megapixel Image Of NYC Will Melt Your Brain

    A truly remarkable piece of work, captured by Vast founder Dan Piech, that is more than worth the share.

    Ultra-high definition photography is becoming more and more a “thing” in today’s day and age – and with the advanced in digital processing and panoramic stitching – the details that can be captured, as simply staggering.

    To quote Dan:

    No detail was left untouched during this arduous process that took me well over 100 hours due to the exceptionally high resolution of the photo’s canvas.

    It was time well spent because the clarity of the final VAST photo cannot be overstated. Buildings many miles away are clearly visible; tiny details such as people walking down the sidewalks are easily discernible; fascinating rooftop structures covered in snow drifts are revealed in striking resolution; facades of numerous architectural masterpieces such as the Empire State Building are exquisitely rendered; and the diverse characters of famous New York neighborhoods like the West Village, Chelsea, SoHo, and Gramercy can be palpably felt.

    I have most of the gear available to facilitate a shoot like this – and cannot wait to give it a try myself. Now…to find those 100 spare hours somewhere.

    View a larger version of the image here.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Source: “I Blended 105 Exposures to Create This 620MP Night-to-Day Photo of NYC”, Dan Piech., December 14, 2017

    Image Copyright: Dan Piech, 2017