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    FleetOptics Inc.

    Transport + Analytics. Redefined.

    FleetOptics employs world-class technology that provides immediate communication between drivers and clients for complete, integrated Final-Mile Logistics solutions. Their proprietary software is fuelled by GPS satellite tracking via web and smartphone-based applications.

    One of my most comprehensive and compressed timelines to date, I was tasked with a complete overhaul of their corporate identity and print collateral, web site, content management system, and educational video content.

    Complete with a comprehensive go-to-market (again) strategy, focus was also directed at resource gathering, as there was an expressed need for a continual source of drivers to fill out their ever expanding service area and client list.

    An incredible opportunity, to be sure. I was extremely fortunate to be part of the process, and to work alongside their wonderful team of experts. One of my most satisfying of builds.

    FleetOptics Inc.
    Toronto, ON