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    StarWars™ Uprising Clan Logos

    Star Wars™ Uprising Clan Logos

    An Extended Gaming Family

    Certainly one of the more fun and personal of the entries in my portfolio. Star Wars: Uprising is one of the most in-depth title games brought to iOS and Android devices. With upwards of 5 million active players, the focus on the communal and social aspects of the game cannot be understated. As the master of The Nightsisters cartel, I have been fortunate to be lead one of the very top groups of people (Top 25 out of 85000 active cartels), and have made alliances with both the Rekking Crew and Tiste Andii cartels. Definitely one of my more enjoyable and most creative personal projects.

    Oh, and “Noobex”? Well…let’s just say that if you are new to the gaming world, you might not know just how much of a “Noob” you really are. Perhaps, you could use some Noobex®!

    Hey, it’s all in good fun, right?

    Kabam (Spec)
    San Francisco, CA